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Falcon 3.0 Credits

115 people (76 developers, 39 thanks)


Original Design ConceptGilman Louie
Simulation TeamErick Jap, Kuswara Pranawahadi, Gary Stottlemyer, Les Watts
Interface TeamScot Bayless, Daniel Deremiah, Ian Falicov, Michael Mancuso
Additional ProgrammingRebecca Ang, Don Harlow, Lee Powell, Farah Soebrata, Donald Tsang
Project LeadScot Bayless
ArtworkChuck Butler, Matt Carlström, Zachary Fuller, Daniel L. Guerra, Louis Sremac
Video AnimationsMatt Carlström, Zachary Fuller
Digital ActorsJoe Ward, Scot Bayless (Woof), Russel Reiss (Blue Jay), Matt Carlström (Mack Daddy), Zachary Fuller (Defiant), Tony Beccia, Daniel Deremiah (Bullfrog), Marisa Ong (No. 19), Bill Hall, Elizabeth Chambers, Shannon Lee
Stunt EffectsMatt Carlström (Mack Daddy), Elizabeth Chambers
3-D World BuildingAnthony Chiang, Daniel Deremiah, Eric Grotke, Joe Ward, Peter Ward, Bradd Huddle (Bluto)
Sound and MusicPaul Mogg
User ManualHoward Bornstein, Pete Bonanni (Boomer), Kyle Brink, Robert Giedt, Steve Perrin, Joe Ward
User Manual EditingKyle Brink, Maggie Brown, Robert Giedt, Marisa Ong, Joe Ward
Quality AssuranceBrett Amick, Randy Angle, Stephen Blankenship, Kurt Boutin, Eric Chin, William Chin, Andrew Edlen, Michael Isgur, Stephen Keith, Lawrence Kevin, Douglas Lin, Karl Maurer, Mike Nebeker, Russel Reiss, Stacey Springer, Evan Birkby (Baron), David Wessman (Wotan)
Beta TestersFrank Bartolotta (Turk), Tom Basham (KC), Terry Carraway (Pinecone), James G. Cook (Hawk), Alvin Dickerson (Moondog), Matt Dimmic (Mythman), Steve Edwards (Auger), Mark Estephanian (Endo), Mike Hartmann (Black Viper), Buzz Hoffman (Ballistic), Eric Pearson (Reckless), Dave Reichlein (Lawman), Donald Rinker (Blue Max), Kevin Turner (Thrusty), Michael Vario (Misha), Steven Wartofsky (FT), Mike Weksler (Moondawg)
Special ThanksShelley Addison, Tom Byron, the Customer Support crew, Erik Flom, Barbara Gleason, Rosann Goodrow, Rita Harrington, Guymond Louie, Ann McCue, Lisa Meucci, Michael Nelson, Hallie Park, Terry Thompson, our Production Department, Michael Hatfield (at General Dynamics), Bob Carter (of ThrustMaster), Ron Haidenger (of Advanced Gravis), Joseph Colligan (of Delta Lithograph), Rod Hume (Linotext), Charlie Pettler, Rick Banker, Tinamarie Goldman, the Typesetting Shop in Oakland, Air Combat USA in Fullerton, 'Hollywood' 'Dooley' 'Club' and the rest of the guys, all the folks at Cermoss for helping dupe the disks, MapLink, Kevin Goyer, the 25th Aircraft Maintenance Unit for sharing their personal memories of Desert Storm, Randy Angle (Customer Support), Andrew Edlen (Customer Support), Karl Maurer (Customer Support), Darleen Seymour (Customer Support), Me'lissa Stallworth (Customer Support), James Sullivan (Customer Support), Mike Collier (Production Department), Belinda Ellingworth (Production Department), Todd Randall (Production Department), Tuyen Trin (Production Department)

Manual Credits

Technical IllustrationsChuck Butler (Bunhead)
LayoutVan Winkle Design Group
Photos Courtesy ofArmed Forces Journal, Aviation Week, General Dynamics, U.S. Department of Defense, Pete Bonanni, Gilman Louie, Dick Stamm

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