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Falcon 3.0 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

title screen
Publisher Spectrum Holobyte's splash screen.
main menu and game setup
the war room
Difficulty & realism settings. High-fidelity requires a math coprocessor.
mission briefing
System settings. EMS can be used to cache data.
takeoff at night!
Cockpit Left - some more instruments
Dogfighting in Instant Action Mode.
Setting waypoints.
Firing the cannon.
Assignment of pilots.
Pilot information.
High-G turns make vapor trails.
Armament screen offers a wide variety of weapons.
Don't forget to check six!
Vehicle catalog.
Cockpit right - warning lights ablaze!
Rear cockpit view.
Falcon Gold has an updated 3D model with transparent canopy.
The padlock view follows your target.
Missile lock - firing!
Flying at night.
Gear down.
Going down in a puff of smoke.
Friendly AH-64 Apache helicopter.
Buzzing an airfield.