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Fantasy General Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Intro
Your mission
Select the leader of your forces
The map
Deploy your units
Research new units
Buy your army
Playing a single scenario as the bad guy - winter scenery
Apart from the usual set of medieval/fantasy units, the game also uses more advanced artillery...
...and even some steampunk contraptions
Each unit's stats come with a marvelous illustration
Knight Marshal Calis, thou art triumphant!
Moving to liberate another island
At some point of the story you'll have an opportunity to add mechanical units to your disposal
Army roster (during the battle)
Beasts await you in the jungle. Battling in the mountain pass.
Zoomed out map of the battle. Note victory objectives marked with tiny flashing flags.
A perfect encirclement
Reaching the hellish Dragonscale Archipelago, made of active volcanoes
Fantasy armies march.
Fire Archers
siege engine
Pegasus riders
map selection
Units selection - heavy infantry
Units selection - siege engine