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Flashback: The Quest for Identity Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Intro sequence
Intro sequence (CD version)
Flashback CD title
Control Instructions
Beginning the game
Jungle - Let's kill the one on the right first!
Jungle - That little robot thingy will be history in a few seconds
A mutant is behind the door!..
Using the zoom option for an up close view.
In a jail cell... It's time for a prison break!
A gun! Now I can fight!
Level 2: New Washington
Level 2: An elevator lift
Level 2: Walking around the city of New Washington
Level 2: The subway will take you to different parts of the city
Level 2: The Administrative Center
Electric death
Subway map
Work to pay for your pass for the show
City - European style futuristic cityscape
City - Shooting the guards while going down with the elevator
TV Show - Don't step on the mines
TV Show - Everywhere is filled with these tiny probe-like things.
Last work
Cutscene, the ship
Cutscene, in space
You have the credits to call a taxi
Last step before the dance floor
Arriving at the alien planet
The alien planet
Some strange dripping substances in the alien world
A scene with an evil Morph
Continue or abort game
Game Over