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Flight Unlimited Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main menu is a 3D environment with clickable objects.
Select your plane by clicking a model on the desk.
Change airports by clicking on the globe.
Five U.S. Airports to choose from, plus one in Europe.
Pre-flight screen for the Extra 300S.
Flying the Extra 300S over Skybryce.
Pulling some stunts in the Extra 300S with the smoke system activated.
The basic cockpit view. Note the tiled & mirrored terrain.
Aerobatic Cockpit View
Virtual cockpit in the Extra 300S with functioning gauges, ailerons, and prop.
Ready for takeoff in the Decathlon at Sugarloaf.
Entering a loop in the Decathlon over Sugarloaf with the smoke system activated.
The virtual cockpit of the Decathlon.
Flying over Springfield in the Pitts.
Gotta love those lens flares!
The virtual cockpit of the Pitts - you fly from the rear seat.
Oops! I over-stressed the Pitts. Note the mirrored & tiled terrain: reduces memory requirements.
Flying a "hoops course" in the Sukhoi.
Flying the Sukhoi over Denali, Alaska.
Getting acquainted with my shadow.
Some landings you don't walk away from.
The Sukhoi's virtual cockpit. Instrument panel is dark due to its angle to the sun.
Soaring the Grob over Dinan, France.
The Grob's wings flex under g-loading.
The Grob's virtual cockpit, complete with yaw string. The rising "bubbles" are thermals.
View out the rear of the Grob's virtual cockpit.