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Flightmare Ad Blurbs (DOS)

Flightmare DOS Introduction


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Advertising Blurbs

Unknown Source:
    The year is 2345. The only survivors of the human race are desert warriors, fighting for control of the land. You are a pilot for the last civilized people, the omegans.

    The omegans fighting power is in the air. The desert vandals are launching attacks on the omegan factories. Your mission is to protect them.

    The vandals have four different attack forces. The motorcycles are small gangs of maraudering beatnicks who revel in the destruction of omegan factories. The trucks have the same sick desire for destruction, but can only be stopped by a direct hit in the tires. The squads of planes mainly escort the trucks and bikes, but often attack you or wait in ambush at your blimp. Lastly, the vandals may opt to fire the heat seeking rocket.

    The omegan force consists of planes, factories, a blimp, and an airfield. If the vandals reach a factory they will destroy it. This also applies to the airfield, which you should protect with your life. At the end of every attack, each factory will produce one additional plane for your airfield and another factory will be built. To get more ammo you must dock with the blimp, which can can never be destroyed by the vandals.

    Contributed by Trixter (9122) on Nov 11, 1999.