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antstream tournament

Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover (UK box):
    FLOOR 13

    An Explosive and Controversial Thriller inspired by actual events

    In a democratic society like our own how does an elected government appear to keep it's popularity?

    How are scandals averted, subversive elements controlled, undesirables eliminated and 'incidents' covered up.

    Just how does the government keep in power?

    A democratic western government like our own cannot be seen to be suppressing opposition, invading privacy, spying on its own nationals, murdering undesirables...

    Housed on the 13th floor of an anonymous new office block, deep in the heart of London's Docklands, the organisation you control does not officially exist. It is totally secret and the public must never be aware of your actions. Even to the head of your government you are a semi-mythical group. Yet in the name of national security you must limit the 'political damage' to the government by any means at your disposal - assassination, interrogation, infiltration - without alerting the nation to your existence.

    Features include:
  • Intelligent Menu system, giving options appropriate to situation and defaults
  • Full control of your own Secret Police Force
  • Up to 100 different plots and conspiracies
  • Plots covering almost real political situations, as well as more surprising possibilities
  • Deal with the Prime Minister as well as your own 'cult master'. Be warned - they have conflicting interests

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2316) on Apr 28, 2004.

antstream tournament