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Advertising Blurbs
    "Flying Corps Gold is a great change of pace from the mach 2 action of more modern combat flight sims, and flying the vintage aircraft is a whole different challenge than jetting around in fly-by-wire planes like the F-22 and F-16. Flying Corps Gold is the best World War I era flight sim to hit the skies in quite some time. You'll spend hours flying, dogfighting, and bombing enemy ground targets. "--Adrenaline Vault

  • Astounding 3D high resolution landscapes in 16-bit color using DirectX.
  • Frame rates in excess of 30fps are possible.
  • Windows 95 Mission Editor fully featured.
  • Customize the paint schemes on your squadron's aircraft.
  • Landscape recreated in minute detail from archive material.
  • Enhanced view system including a new peripheral view mode.
  • Supports the CH Products Force FX stick - makes play more realistic and dynamic.
  • Single or multiplayer option including modem, direct connect, network and Wireplay for up to 8 players.

  • System Specs:

    System Requirements

  • Pentium 133
  • 16Mb RAM
  • 14Mb free hard disk space
  • Mouse
  • Windows 95

  • Contributed by jean-louis (39209) on Dec 27, 2015.

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/1997:


    Das sagte die Presse zu Flyping Corps:
    „Die momentan schönste Flugsimulation“
    PC GAMES, 3/97, 82%
    „Sehr realistisches Flugverhalten“
    PC PLAYER, 3/97, ****
    „Das Nonplusultra“
    POWER PLAYER, 2/97, 86%


    • Missions-Editor, mit dem man unzählige eigene Kampagnen und Mission kreieren kann

    • 3D-Grafikkarten Unterstützung für ungetrübten Genuß bei einer Bildfrequenz von bis zu 33 fps und Unterstützung von Force-Feedback-Joysticks

    • Mehrspieler-Option für heiße Kämpfe um den Luftraum, von Modem zu Modem, über Nullmodem oder direkter Verbindung.

    • Weitere Highlights wie mehr Flugzeuge, photorealistische Ansichten von Städten und Dörfern, verbesserte Künstliche Intelligenz u.v.m.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (237749) on Apr 24, 2010.

    The Ultimate First World War Flight Simulator

    "The engine started with a roar. I pressed the throttle and the machine began to pick up speed, and suddenly I could not help but notice that I was really flying." - Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, 1892-1918

    Take to the skies in this new, enhanced version of Empire's classic World War One flight simulation, Flying Corps.

    Flying Corps Gold has taken the best elements from the phenomenally successful flight simulation of this spring, revamped them and added a huge number of gameplay and graphical improvements. Full details of all these enhancements are included on the What's New page.

    Unparalleled historical accuracy and attention to detail make Flying Corps Gold the most atmospheric flying experience imaginable. From the ultra smooth animation to magnificently detailed scenery and landscapes you will find yourself immersed in another world - a world where the majesty and beauty of early aviation contrasted movingly with the brutality and squalor of a bloody and horrifying war.

    The most detailed and flexible flight models ever.

    In some games the flight models and control systems for each plane have been smoothed out to make it easier for the novice to jump straight in. This approach, however, does have a cost, as many of the planes idiosyncrasies and special features are lost. Flying Corps Gold has dual flight models for each plane. The more forgiving model is retained for novices, while realistic options will provide a real challenge for the seasoned flight enthusiast. In the case of the Sopwith Camel, for example, the "Realistic" flight model accurately recreates the plane's notorious instability and tendency to turn to the right. If the flight sim pilot can learn to master this, however, he will reap the benefits of the incredible manoeuvrability that made the Camel the most successful fighter aircraft of the period.

    Inspiring, challenging and enjoyable.

    Whatever your level of experience and skill, the philosophy behind Flying Corps is simple: games should be fun. We want you to truly feel what it was like to fly an aircraft in those pioneering days, to experience the agony and the ecstacy of aerial combat, to find yourself slipping back in time. You won't be disappointed.

    Features include...
    • Accurate landscapes generated using aerial reconnaissance photos taken during the First World War.
    • Full 3D card support using Direct 3D. New! to Gold edition.
    • Full range of multiplayer and network options. New! to Gold edition.
    • Full-featured mission editor allowing you to control almost every aspect of both air and ground forces. New! to Gold edition. Includes new French campaign and examples missions.
    • Multi-event campaigns in which a complete battle takes place around you.
    • Windows 95 and DOS versions in the same box.
    • Paint your Wagon. When you make it to Squadron Leader status you can paint your aircraft with a personalised colour scheme.
    • Modem/Serial Link options for head to head play with another human opponent.
    • Unique control system allowing complete operation of your aircarft plus dozens of viewing options to be activated easily and intuitively.
    • Squadron management. On reaching the rank of Captain, You will be able to choose the number of aircraft you take on a mission, the pilots and where they fly in the formation. Flight and squadron formations can also be tailored to suit each mission.
    • Very easy to install, load and configure.
    • Stereo sound effects recorded from the actual aircraft and guns.
    • Take on the role of real World War I pilots.
    • Flying Corps' four campaigns take place towards the end of WW1 and allow you to fly 6 different aircraft.

    Flying Corps Gold is available now from the Empire Online Shop

    Release Date: PC-CDROM - Out Now!
    Sony Playstation - 2nd Qtr 1998

    Price: PC-CDROM - $44.95-(USA) £34.99-(Rest Of World)
    PSX - TBA

    Minimum System: Pentium P90 Processor, 16MB RAM, 1MB SVGA Graphics, 4X Speed CDROM, Windows compatible sound card.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Jun 28, 2009.