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Flying Corps Credits


Programming TeamPaul Dunscombe, Rod Hyde, Andrew McRae, Andrew McMaster, Robert Slater, Gem Taylor, David Whiteside
Artwork TeamRichard Cook, Andrew McCann, Andrew Manns
Game DesignRod Hyde, Mark Shaw
MusicPaul Robotham
PhotosSteve Hyde
Sound EffectsSounds Appealing
LandscapeAndrew Curry, Amanda McCann, Andrew Wilkins
Techinical Assistance and Special ThanksAndy Kemp, Stuart Leslie, Andy Sephton
Testing TeamTristram Defries, Simon Flynn, Mahendra Sampath
E.I. TeamAnthony J. Bond Jr., Mark Havens, Andy Mullins, Alison Ryan, Nick Walkland, Benedict Wilkins, Sharon O'Neill, Clare Brown, Gary J. Lucken
ImagesStuart Leslie Collection, David Baker Collection, Division of the National Air and Space Museum Archives

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (608251)