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Flynn Sprint DOS Title Screen


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Flynn Sprint Credits

24 people (16 developers, 8 thanks)

Flynn Sprint

ProgrammingVic Putz
Runner AnimationVic Putz
"Space Trellis" TilesetVic Putz
PlaytestingHank Leukart, Gordon Hogenson
SuggestionsHank Leukart
Level DesignHank Leukart, Gordon Hogenson
Moral SupportHank Leukart
Additional GraphicsGerald Dalley
Also deserving mention!Andrew Megowan (provided some of the best puzzles and encouragement I could ask for. He's one of the good ones.), Gordon Hogenson (You'll curse some of his maps. Gordon was instrumental in the beginning beta-testing.), [email protected] [wrote the main these music; then ran out of time to help], [email protected] [that's his music in the game. Mike also generated some of the sound effects.], Ken Rogoway (for publishing this and making many useful suggestions.), Jürgen Egeling (for publishing this and making many useful suggestions.), And last but first; my lovely wife Jo and my two dogs; Roslyn and Lucas [I'll have some time to play now; kids...], Jo was instrumental in the clarifying game ideas and was also the creative impulse behind the 'Space Trellis' tileset.
The Level DevelopersHank Leukart, Gordon Hogenson, Andrew Megowan, Rich and Wendy at RichWare, [email protected], John D'India, [email protected], Gavin Scarman, Wade Brainerd, JonhK, Adam, Edgar M. Roman, Larry Smithmeier, Matthew MacKenzie

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (675958)