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Advertising Blurbs

Advertising in US mag. COMPUTE!'s Amiga Resource 1989-12:


    Weapons of fury.

    It's the next century in FORGOTTEN WORLDS,
    and you're the only one left who can save
    Mother Earth from savage aliens. Your space-
    age weaponry is awesome but so are your
    obstacles! Armed with an anti-gravity device
    you can fly through enemy defenses and erad-
    icate the alien bases. But watch out! Missiles,
    monsters, dragons, robots and laser guns are
    bombarding you from every direction!
    If you're ready to save Earth's defenseless
    men, woman and children, see you favorite
    software retailer or call Capcom U.S.A. at

    Contributed by Jo ST (24066) on Dec 19, 2015. - Wii:
    FORGOTTEN WORLDS is a one- to two-player simultaneous side-scrolling shooter made by CAPCOM CO., LTD. It was one of the first games to incorporate 360-degree aiming and shooting. This SEGA GENESIS version provides the same impact and intensity of the classic arcade game. The time: the 29th century. Without warning, warships broke through the sky, loaded with fiendish aliens. They rained down fire, bombs, missiles, and napalm, making it barren and inhospitable. Humanity was enslaved, and Earth became known as the Forgotten World. In a hidden place, a group of brave humans raised two male children in secret. They brought up the young men as warriors, training them for battle. The two warriors emerged as armed machines of might, strength, and super power—the Nameless Ones. Fight the hateful invaders as the powerful Nameless Ones! Collect Zenny to upgrade your weapons and satellite, and free the planet that was once called Earth.

    Contributed by Victor Vance (13211) on May 25, 2015.

Back of box - Amiga/ST (UK):
    Two Cool Dudes - One Hot Situation - Eight Megalithic Adversaries.... It adds up to a Whole Lotta Trouble.

    "Across all formats Forgotten Worlds comes across as an ace shoot 'em up polished to sparkling perfection by its superb graphics" - TGM June 89

    "Forgotten Worlds is a cut above the rest.... excellent graphics with consistently frenetic action" The One ST June 89

    "A fab space shoot-up.... graphically its super with lots going on.... A Corker!" Sinclair User June 89

    "The best Capcom conversion to date... brilliant!" C&VG June 89

    "One of the classiest conversation around.... one of the arcade conversions of the year" Zzap 64 June 89

    "One of those shoot 'em ups you'd be start raving mad to miss!" Zzap Amiga June 89

    Contributed by Martin Smith (73604) on Sep 29, 2004.