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The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki (Demo Version) Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The loading screen shows that the demo level is called Radiaki.
Fighting up close and personal with one of the numerous ninjas in the level. The bat actually seems to be the most effective weapon in the game.
A toaster-headed robot lobs grenades at the player. The HUD can be turned off by pressing I in the keyboard.
Pressing M brings up the overhead map. The game's engine is a bit more advanced than that of Wolfenstein 3-D as it allows for non-orthogonal walls.
The guns in this game are hard to aim, but the enemies are no snipers either. The box to the left contains ammo supplies.
Ninjas throw shurikens, as one would expect, but also miss a lot.
Sometimes you can get a good view of the enemies like this.
Using a grenade launcher (obtained from a toaster robot) on a ninja.
These gentlemen are armed with flamethrowers and can deal a lot of damage.