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The Fourth Generation Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
A Nimbur carrier with interceptors (intro cinematic).
Several Lorien fighters (intro cinematic).
Main menu screen.
The ship upgrade menu. Various ship components can be improved or replaced.
The player's ship sets off on the mission (cinematic sequence).
There are lots of enemies in this game.
With a targeting computer on board, missiles will lock on enemy ships. Current target is marked by a red crosshair.
Level stats.
Level 2. The space station in the background is actually animated.
Starting a two-player game.
The player's ship lands back at the station.
Shareware version exit splash screen.
Main menu (German language).
Gameplay (German language).
A mine field in the second level (German language).
After certain levels, it is not possible to repair or upgrade your ship, because the player character is in mid-flight to another system (German language).