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Fox Ranger 3: Last Revelation Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (Japanese release)
Intro: this poor scorpion was just minding its own business, then... SPLAT
Intro: our intrusion has been spotted!
Intro: "....and that's for squishing my pet, scumbag!"
Main menu (Japanese release)
Options (complete with a jukebox for the soundtrack)
A demonstration of some special mecha moves
Forward go!
Mind those lasers
You know you're in for it when the tunnel wall says "trap"
A sticky situation
Inaccessible power-up blues
It turns out that Intro Scorpion had relatives... and they're mighty pissed.
Enjoying the pyrotechnics
On to mission 2 (to kick some triangle ass, evidently).
Damnable drones distract
Don't rock the boat
Ooh, a hidden cache of power-ups!
My metallic ass being handed to me.
At the wrong end of a big, nasty steel chain
Free-fall fighting
Sporting the jetpack, for a little revisit of stage 4 from the first game
Another shooter-like auto-scrolling stage, this time in a spinning tube
Poor tactical positioning
Taking the scenic elevator ride
These leggy missile launchers don't mess around
Urban warfare
Once more unto the breach? (Y/N)