Fox Ranger Credits (DOS)

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Fox Ranger Credits


DirectorSoft Action
Sub DirectorNam Sang Kyu
ProgrammerKim Sung Shik
Graphic DesignerLee Jang Won
Music ComposerMidikid, Kim Eun Young
Music ArrangerDracura
StoryMr. Bugger
Demo StoryBongo
Technical SupportYeom Jeong Cheol
Stage EditGupabal Dosa, Jung Il Hyun
Install ProgramKim Jong Chul
Test PlayerSemer, Kang Chang Soo, Miss Bear
CookKang Kyung Tae
User SupportJung Joon Ho, Yang Woo Sung, Galbi
Special ThanksKim Tae In, Eom Jae Hoon, All modem makers in the world
PresentSoft Action 1992


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