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Fragile Allegiance Credits

34 people (33 developers, 1 thanks)

Cajji Software

ProgrammersJon Medhurst, Alex Metallis
ArtistsJames Hartshorn, Chris Allen Mills

Gremlin Interactive

ArtistAndrew Ritson
Artwork & Front-End DesignLes Spink, Rick S. Martin
Intro and Cut-Scene ArtistOliver Murray
TutorialsAndrew Fox
Face CaptureJonathan Ackerley, Ben Wilson
ProductionKim Blake, Peter J. Cook
Photography/Photographic EditingAlan Coltman, Damon Godley
MusicPat Phelan
Sound EffectsPat Phelan
Sound ProductionDarren Lambourne
Sound EditingSimon Short, Steven Lovesey
Quality AssuranceNicola Grice, Richard Cartwright, Sim Furniss, Neil Wilson, Julia Sturman, Lee Campbell, Andrew Lee, Zaz
Special Thanks toAnthony Casson
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPat Phelan
Voice-over ArtistsAlan Coltman, Monica Buferd, Rachel Preece, Corey Johnson
ManualMalchick Nostra
Localisation/TranslationSarah Bennett

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daedolon (5450) and formercontrib (158645)