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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.5
Overall User Score (17 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Fragile Allegiance er meget helstÞbt lavet. Grafikken er temmelig flot, og lyden holder sig pÊnt over gennemsnittet. Spillets design er lÊkkert; alle knapper reagerer prompte, og menuerne glider lynhurtigt ind og ud ad skÊrmen pÄ en sÊrlig mÄde, som enhver haj vil genkende som god programmering.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 27, 1996)
Fragile doet misschien op ht eerste zicht een beetje denken aan Master Of Orion, toch is er bij Fragile Ă©Ă©n vrij belangrijk verschil: je bent niet de heer en meester van het heelal, maar slechts een kleine garnaal die in een verre sector zoveel mogelijk waardevolle mineralen moet trachten te ontginnen op de talrijke asteroiden die daar rondvliegen. Het voordeel van Allegiance is ook dat je niets meer moet gaan uitvinden. Alle technieken, wapens, ruimteschepen, teleportsystemen en dergelijke, bestaan reeds, en staan ter beschikking voor iedereen die voldoende geld bij zich heeft om de bouwplannen aan te kopen. Het lijkt misschien allemaal wel heel interessant, maar spijtig genoeg valt er in werkelijkheid maar weinig spanning te beleven. Omdat je niets moet uitvinden, krijgt geld een veel te belangrijke rol.
Pelit (Jan, 1997)
Fragile Allegiance on kelpo kevytstrategiapeli, joka kÀrsii lÀhinnÀ ajoittaisesta tylsyydestÀ sekÀ epÀloogisuuksista kÀyttöliittymÀssÀ. Jos verkkopeliin ei ole mahdollisuutta, tarjoaa tietokone kelpo vastuksen _ turpiin tuli ja kunnolla.
Edge (Jan, 1997)
Sometimes the most initially impenetrable games turn out to be the best. And sure enough, while getting to grips with Fragile Allegiance is going to take at least three days of head-scratching it turns out to be a fine game of space strategy.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 1996)
Wer bereits Ascendancy oder Master of Orion 2 auf seiner Festplatte hat, kann vom Kauf absehen; als Routiniert fĂŒhlt man sich ĂŒber kurz oder lang schlitweg unterfordert. RevolutionĂ€res bietet Fragile Allegiance also nicht, aber fĂŒr Hin-und-wieder-Strategiespieler mit dem Wunsch nach limitierter KomplexitĂ€t ist das Programm wie geschaffen - zumal man mit nachahmenswerten Tutorials angelernt wird.
Gamezilla (1997)
Fragile Allegiance is a decent addition to the conquer-the-galaxy genre; unfortunately, there are too many other good games competing with this title. I particularly enjoyed the real-time factor of the game. It was neat watching your colony grow as time progressed rather than clicking on a button to instantly get to the next point. Although the graphics are crisp, it would have been nice to have more variety to keep the senses refreshed. Ditto for the music. I do recommend this to anyone who wants the twist of real-time strategy added to the genre, and to those with multiplayer capability. This is a good bridge between micromanagement games like SimCity and conquer-the-galaxy games like Ascendancy and MOO II. There will be people who love this game, and people who quickly tire of it, especially considering the lack of a storyline to follow in campaign mode.
PC Joker (Jan, 1997)
Optisch sind keine Ausschweifungen, aber doch gefĂ€llige Screens (teils auch mit animierten Renderbauwerken) geboten; die bei Minimalinstallation nicht erhĂ€ltliche Musik wird von vielfĂ€ltigen Effekten ergĂ€nzt. Eine interessante Alternative zum Ă€hnlich gestrickten „Master of Orion II“ also, die zwar dessen KomplexitĂ€t nicht erreicht, dafĂŒr aber recht flott zu reizvollen Partien fĂŒhrt.
Spielspaßhemmend ist vor allem die BenutzeroberflĂ€che. Jedes MenĂŒ besitzt mehrere UntermenĂŒs, die wieder UntermenĂŒs haben. Es dauert relativ lange, bis man sich mit der Steuerung vertraut gemacht hat. Das Tutorial ist ein schlechter Witz, aus dem Handbuch vorlesen kann ich mir auch selbst. Strategisch stellt Fragile Alliance aber schon eine Herausforderung dar. Allerdings wird das Spiel zu schnell eintönig.
If you are looking for a different type of real-time game that requires good strategical thinking and managerial skills, then Fragile Allegiance is definitely worth a try. Gamers who are more interested in blowing things up may find the game’s focus and pace a little too slow. In any case, I think this game is solid and recommend giving the demo a try to see what you think. The demo is excellent and allows players to try the tutorials and play a sample game to get a feel for what to expect. Good luck, and long live TetraCorp!
As unfortunate as these flaws are, FRAGILE ALLEGIANCE is easily the most fun I've had a spaceploitation game so far this year. The play is unique and infinitely variable, with a constantly shifting gamefield and tenacious AI opponents. Interplay has gone far in delivering a sci-fi strat game that actually takes the environment and mechanics of space into account, and they've produced a game that's smart as well as sexy. ALLEGIANCE stands well apart from the more generic fare populating games shelves this year.
Kedeligt er det, at spillet aldrig rigtig fÄr gnisten til at springe. Om man angriber eller forsvarer sig og bruger rumskibe eller missler, har ingen ydre effekt pÄ kampene. De udfolder sig automatisk pÄ skÊrmen, mens spilleren passivt ser til. Det er alt sammen med til at skade spillet, og man har nu et produkt, der ikke tÄler mere end to-tre gennemspilninger.
GameSpot (May 08, 1997)
Lukewarm-to-enthusiastic gamers who find many empire builders dry, ugly, and unengaging will probably appreciate the more personal nature of Fragile Allegiance. On the other hand, veteran, teeth-clenching types who eat Civilization for breakfast will probably consider Fragile Allegiance a public menace for the very same reasons. One logistical misstep or well-placed warhead can ruin your whole fragile day, and probably will. Proceed with caution.
It it an entertaining twist on the genre, and if you can get past it's flaws it can be a fun game. I wouldn't call it great, but it does have its moments.
Eine Sache muß ich Fragile Allegiance zugute halten: GĂ€be es solche Spiele nicht, wĂŒĂŸte man Juwelen wie Master of Orion 2 gar nicht richtig zu schĂ€tzen. Der zweite Punkt ist die besondere Form von Realismus. Denn genau so stelle ich mir das Leben auf einer Bohrplattform oder eben einer Bergbausiedlung im Weltraum vor - langweilig bis ins Mark.

atari breakout