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Frankenstein Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Out of memory message
Title screen
Game introduction
Main menu
Audio options
Game options
Talk with the employer
Frankenstein schema
Start location
Castle entrance bridge
Door to the next location
Jumping on a hostile creature
Big skull
Paintings on the wall
Foot found in the library
Small guy with huge axe
Hostile creature killed
Bowman watching the arm
Using the head as trampoline
Two giant spider watching the door
Huge green warm
Head found
Inside the library
Duel on the balcony
Village entrance
Rope sliding
Blond girl adds energy
High jumping frog
Roof level
Open doors may be entered
Village house
Arm found
Village pub
Life lost
Jumping over the priest
Jumping coffin
Jar full of flowers
Thorax guarded by a ghost
Ground spikes
Hopping pumpkin
Slime monster
Bone ladder
Arm found
Jumping over the snail
Spiders and spikes on the way to the foot
Witch downunder
Passage blocked
Game over