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Frantis: Mission II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Opening cinematic: ships over Rakbet IV.
Opening cinematic: the battle continues in space...
... as the protagonists's craft engages enemy interceptors.
The protagonist's ship is hit...
...but he bails out in an escape pod.
The escape pod lands right in the enemy base.
The main character emerges from the escape pod.
The very first keycard in the game.
Shooting one of the many obstacles.
Sometimes a door in the background will open and release a robot sentry.
An elevator.
Yet another type of trap, a spiky sphere that bounces up and down. A similar obstacle can be found in Duke Nukem.
Various useful items can be purchased in terminals, if you have enough currency (which is for some reason the hearts that can be collected from robot sentries).
An extra shield can be bought for a moderate price. Some terminals even sell keycards, but they are very expensive.