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atari yars

Frederik Pohl's Gateway Credits

27 people


ProducerGlen R. Dahlgren, Michael Lindner, Michael Verdu
Design & Implementation of Part IDuane Beck, Michael Verdu
Design & Implementation of Part IIBob Bates, Michael Lindner
Design & Implementation of Part IIIGlen R. Dahlgren
Additional DesignBob Bates
Computer IllustrationKathleen Bober, Doug Chezem, Fred Holz, Tanya Isaacson, Cindy Kovalck, Paul Mock, Chris Moore, Mark Poesch, Mark Stutzman
System ArchitectureBob Bates, Duane Beck
System ProgrammingDuane Beck, Glen R. Dahlgren, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch
Special Cinematic Effects & AnimationDoug Chezem, Mark Poesch
Graphics Systems DevelopmentMark Poesch
Music CompositionGlen R. Dahlgren, Arfing Dog, Michael Lindner
Music System DevelopmentMichael Lindner
AdLib TranscriptionsGlen R. Dahlgren, Michael Lindner
Sound EffectsGlen R. Dahlgren
Box Design & Production CoordinationPeggy Oriani
Cover ArtChris Moore
Game TestingRaff Brooks, Barbara Defilippo, Michael Sonesen, Ed Storozuk
Additional TestingBob Bates, Glen R. Dahlgren, Linda Duchaineau, Caryl Evans, Dennis Kucharczik, Judy Loveless, Steve Eric Meretzky, Wendy Pry, Alyssa Verdu

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Credits for this game were contributed by Belboz (6574)

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