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Atari 50

Frederik Pohl's Gateway Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
First location (start)
Briefing with Gateway's Senior Executive Leonard Worden
Trying to have sex with this male VR technician! The designers actually thought of a unique, elaborate response from him just for this unlikely case!..
PV Commset in your quarters
Hanging around at the museum
The "Old Earth Trivia" arcade game in the casino
News from Earth from the year 2102 - not so funny anymore given the current (2009) crisis?
The Gateway itself is where you spend the initial chapter. It is quite large, with many diverse locations
Meeting Thom in the Blue Hell Bar
There are several VR programs you can break by finding a bug.
If that's what you're looking for, go play Spellcasting or Larry!
The first missions involve short, non-interactive trips. Don't worry - the game will give you a wealth of diverse exotic locations to explore!..
Exploring a barren, beautifully monochrome planet. You cry and jump. Ahh, emotions...
You found a strange alien device. You begin to sing!..
Heechee ship control panel
Animated sequence
On my way to the Heechee ships
Going on another trip
About to explore an alien planet
Exploring the exotic, nearly mesmerizing surface of the planet Aurigae 6
You found an uninhabited cabin. You decide to undress
Aurigae 6 has a whole abandoned city!
Uh-oh, mazes, colored thingies... You don't like them. So you decide to kill yourself. And the game lets you - but only after repeated warnings!..
Inside a dome built by the Heechee
Encounter with a hostile alien
Exploring Kaduna 3
Kaduna 3 is the most dangerous place in the game! Who knows what awaits you in this swamp?..
Yup, you died. Next time, be a bit more... err.. creative, perhaps?..
Dorma 5 is probably the game's most beautiful planet. You arrive there and passionately... kiss your own arm. Seriously now, which other game allows you to do THAT?!..
One of the few full-screen, beautifully done cutscenes in the game
Activation of a shield generator (animated sequence)
Danger lurks everywhere...
A strange alien
Another VR program
It's just amazing how the game keeps reacting differently to whatever silly things I'm trying!
You are in your dreams. Literally!
Nemira 3. Trying some more actions - some of which elicit new responses
Breathtaking view, fascinating fauna...
The notebook contains TONS of information!..
You've found Rolf Becker and ask him about yourself. Actually, Rolf Becker is a jazz big band conductor and a good friend of mine. No, really! It's just... another Rolf Becker
Okay, now this is getting weird... Am I... am I... dreaming?..
Gateway is not all about exploring exotic planets! In a nod to Legend's own Spellcasting series, there be ladies here as well!..
A cool poker-playing scene. Dude... this is your chance!
Nearing the game's penultimate chapter. New, surprising locations keep appearing. More unique responses from the game
There is seemingly no end to imaginative locations in this game