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The game also came with a poster. It was a cartoon souvenir tourist map of the Human Zoo.


Here is the full text of a leaflet included in the Free D.C! box:
CINEPLAY INTERACTIVE - Putting the Characters First

Welcome to the incredible world of Cineplay Talking Computer Games. True multimedia computer games with characters who really seem alive because they talk to you.

The Cineplay line is a brand new genre of interactive movies from the Oscar-winning film studio that invented Claymation(R), the California Raisins and now, Harry the Subhuman, working together with the creators of the award-winning computer games Defender of the Crown, King of Chicago, Rocket Ranger and Centurion. The world-famous Claymation team at Will Vinton Productions has joined our talented game design team to bring you a series of cinematic adventures featuring live actors and Claymation characters who actually talk.

The Cineplay production of FREE D.C! includes recorded speech during your adventure in the Human Zoo with our Cinetalk(TM) speech production system, now available exclusively through the Sound Blaster(R) card. You get 3 megabytes of decompressed recorded speech included with FREE D.C!, and if you would like to hear your characters talk even more, we are making additional speech available with the FREE D.C! Speech Expansion Module.

Speech is part of the Cineplay formula for creating adult stories about interesting characters with real personalities. Another of our goals is removing the artificial barriers from computer games.

The copyrighted Dramaton adventure game system used in FREE D.C! is an open-ended environment. Don't look for objects, mazes or puzzles that block your path from one part of the game to another. All events and places are non-sequential and non-linear. You can always find a character to talk to, and they'll usually have something new to say. Be sure to visit each captive in the Human Zoo several times - Some won't trust you at first, but if you come back later they just might tell you their deepest, darkest secrets.

That's the Cineplay story. Our creative team is dedicated to bringing you the most technically advanced and sophisticated interactive adventures possible. With FREE D.C!, the FREE D.C! Speech Expansion Module and a Sound Blaster card, you will get a true multimedia experience, and a look into the future when new technologies allow us to include hundreds of megabytes of speech and digitized film footage in every game.

We're working to break new ground and we need your feedback. Tell us what you think, and if what we've done intrigues you, stay tuned for more!


Kellyn Beck, President, Cineplay Interactive
The same leaflet also has order forms for the FREE D.C! Speech Expansion Module and the FREE D.C! Cluebook. The Speech Expansion Module ("delight to the voices of all your favorite characters", "more than doubles the amount of speech in your FREE D.C! game") is priced at $19.95 (plus $2 shipping & handling). The Cluebook costs $9.95 (plus $2 s&h).


Free D.C! was the first project by some Cinemaware designers and programmers after Cinemaware officially folded. It did so poorly that only one other title was produced (Power Politics) by the new company before they disbanded.

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