Front Page Sports: Baseball '94 Credits (DOS)

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Front Page Sports: Baseball '94 Credits


Lead Simulation ProgrammerDavid McClurg
Lead Shell ProgrammerGlen Wolfram
Simulation ProgrammingDavid Merrill
Associate ProducerScott Youngblood
Additional DesignScott Youngblood, Doug Johnson
Lead DesignerAllen McPheeters
Additional ProgrammingStephen Cordon, Timothy Strelchun, Peter Heinrich, Rhett Anderson
Art DirectorIan Gilliland
Simulation AnimationsDavid Aughenbaugh
3D Stadium ArtistVance Naegle, Ron Clayborn
Additional ArtThomas Van Velkinburgh, Gerald Harrison, Mark Brenneman, Joel Mariano
Quality Assurance EngineerDoug Johnson
Additional TestingScott Talley
Executive ProducerPatrick Cook
Original ConceptPatrick Cook
Special ThanksJeff McKay, Stew Apelzin, Bob Bauer, Gary Brown, Stan Eads, Kurtis Engle, The GOLDSTAR Team, Stephen Hammond, Bill James, Matthew Larson, Lindsey Lombard, Anthony R. Reyneke, Richardson Sports Inc., David Stambaugh, Team Athletic Supply
Audio DirectorJan Paul Moorhead
Sound EffectsChristopher Stevens
MusicTimothy Steven Clarke
Additional Sound EffectsTimothy Steven Clarke
PhotographyDale Tendick
Programming SupportDan Duncalf
Joystick DriverLouie McCrady, Rick Overman
Virtual MachinePiotr Lukaszuk
Quality Assurance ManagerDavid Steele
Quality Assurance TechnicianJohn Wolfe
Lead TesterZachary Marcus
TestersGerald Azenaro, Corey Reese, Christopher K. Singleton, Daewha Kang
Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
Manual WriterRandy Chase
Manual EditorKurt Weber
Manual DesignSue Roberts
Manual LayoutCameron Mitchell
Director of MarketingKate Kloos
MarketingDavid Rice
Public Relations DirectorKathy Gilmore
Public Relations AssistantMaureen Smith
ResearchJosie Haley Reese, Todd Hannon
Sound Operating SystemHuman Machine Interfaces
Baseball StatisticsSTATS Inc.

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