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Frontier: First Encounters Credits

45 people


Project LeaderDavid Braben
ProgrammingDavid Braben, Andrew Dunn, Mike Edie, Peter Elliot-Green, Ran Mokady, Jonathan Roach, Christopher Sawyer, Peter J. M. Irvin
ShapesDavid Braben, Aggy Finn, Jonathan Griffiths, Peter J. M. Irvin
StoryDavid Braben, Manda Scott
MusicDavid Lowe
Sound DriverMike Edie
Intro SequenceAggy Finn
Ship InteriorsDanny Flynn
Video Post ProductionKathy Braben
Manual written byTony Dillon
Text EditingManda Scott
Short StoriesJulian Flood, Jude Jones, S.L.A.M., Moira Sheehan, Martyn Taylor, Kathy Braben, Manda Scott
Journal EntriesJulian Flood, Jude Jones, Suzannah Oliver, S.L.A.M., Manda Scott, Tony Gallucci, Martyn Taylor
Video ActorsElizabeth Arbaud, Peter Edan, Tony Gallucci, Steve Gorman, Jason Graham, Sarah Johnson, David Jordan, Brendan Kavanaugh, Clyde Kellett, Susan Kelly, Dorian McFarland, Michel Moalem, Jason Myers, Chris Paton, Rob Patterson, Piers Pitcairn Pooni, Phil Purves, Mark Reading, Thomas Skinner, Rose Thomas, Keith Vogel, Simon Watkins
Planet DesignDavid Braben, Jonathan Roach
Video Production:David Jordan, Manda Scott
RepresentationJacqui Lyons
Manual printed byMillet Printers; Leeds

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (9068), Marrsy (58) and formercontrib (158118)