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Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year olds Credits


Project Management TeamAlex Blagg, Marc Wilding, Lee Fahy, Nick Harper, Arran Maclean, Christopher Payne (Chris Payne), David Thomas, Richard Vanner
Program DesignMarc Wilding, Christopher Payne (Chris Payne), David Redpath, David Thomas, Richard Vanner
Original GraphicsMark Healey (ISC), Peter Ranson (Big Red)
Graphic ConversionNeil English (ISC), Peter Ranson (Big Red)
PC versionAstros Productions, ISC
Packaging DesignWendy Mellor
Page Make‑up and GraphicsVisual Eye
Printing and PackingMillets and Multipac
InstructionsMarc Wilding, Christopher Payne (Chris Payne), David Redpath
TestingAlex Blagg, Lee Booth, Lee Cocker, Marc Wilding, Lee Fahy, Nick Harper, ISC, Pete Lee, Arran Maclean, Fay Meakin, Robin Meakin, Lee Meakin, Gary Russell, David Thomas, Richard Vanner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trypticon (11039)