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Advertising Blurbs

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    Designed for earth people on-the-go, this fun package of 5 parody arcade games provides hours of fun-filled entertainment along with infinite levels of hyper-kinetic game play. Journey with your intergalactic guide, Geekwad Gamer into the wacky world of Spaced Solicitors, Beefender, Phlegmings, Grogger, Earth Last!, and a super database of trivia you'll never see on jeopardy.

    Now Dom Pardoe, tell 'em what they've won: -Way cool VGA graphics -Classic cartoon-style animation with outrageous celebrity caricatures -Jammin' stereo tunes including kinky sound effects and digitized speech -Easy-to-use interface and joystick support -Includes BOSS key and HATE MY BOSS key!

    Contributed by Ryan Prendiville (703) on Aug 16, 2000.