The Geekwad: Games of the Galaxy Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Game title
Starting the game on the ship. Select the different characters for different games.
Poor King Wacky. Save him by finding the password that would decode the mechanism
Meet Cybergeek. You got to beat his high scores in order to save King Wacky
Meet Buzz.
You can either play Phlegmings or play a Space Exploration Trivia game to get clues as to how to crack the code.
Phlegmings: intro
Phlegmings: Make sure the lil boogers don't touch you!
Meet Isacc. You can either play Grogger or his Science Fiction Trivia game.
Grogger: intro
Grogger: Deliver meals to the cars waiting without getting run over.
Meet the Tourist. Play Earth Last! or his Mysteries of Earth Trivia game.
Earth Last!: Collect the waste that the aliens drops before it hits the Earth's atmosphere.
Meet Yurtle. You can either play Space Solicitors or his Sci-Fi Flic Trivia game.
Space Solicitors intro.
Space Solicitors: Toss coins at the girl scouts to get rid of them!
Meet Carl Raygun. Play Beefender or his Science Trivia game.
Beefender: intro
Beefender: Shot down cows along the way.
Meet Wobbie the Wobot. You ask him for information on how to save the King.
Help screen that tells you your options.