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The Gene Machine Credits (DOS)

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The Gene Machine Credits


Creative DirectorAndy Blazdell
Technical DirectorSimon Lipowicz
ScreenplayAndy Blazdell, Simon Lipowicz
3D AnimationAndy Day
3D ModelsAndy Day, Daniel Shutt
MusicIan McCue
Script EditorsMark Leigh, Mike Lepine
Art DirectorSue Tong
Character DesignerAlastair Graham
BackgroundsJ. D. Duncan, Sue Tong
Additional ProgrammingCharles Goodwin, Glyn Kendall
2D AnimationTim Doe, Sylvana Malachias, Tahir Rashid, Gary Welch
Cartoon AnimationHelena Grant, Steve Roberts, Anna Saunders
Sound EffectsDale Robins
Voice RecordingsSound Developments
Sound EngineerSimon Fitzpatrick
CastingSheila Britten
General MIDI TimbresGeorge Alistair Sanger, K. Weston Phelan
Translation for French and German versionsPolylang
Voiceover ArtistesMichael Burrell, Michael Drew, Peterson Joseph, Pamela Keevil, Jessica Martin, Paul Panting, Sean Pertwee, Jeff Rawle, Keith Wickham
Box IllustrationsAlastair Graham
Lead PlaytesterClint Nembhard
PlaytestersKen Jordan, James Smith
Special Thanks ToTerry Fujioka
German VoiceoversJohannes Steck, Michael Lucke, Sylvia Haidt, A. Fuhrmann, C. Mey, S. Buchner, P. Knorr, T. Pütz, H. Heynold, Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock, Ellen Schulz (as E. Schulz), St. Mau, M. Albold, H. Winckelmann
French VoiceoversAlain Nempont, Eric LeBlanc, Liliane Ledun, Marie-Hélène Bessieres, Phillipe Capelle, Bernard Debreyne

For Vic Tokai Europe

General ManagerSean Collings
ProducerDuncan Scott Kershaw
Product ManagerGraham Parker
TestersClint Nembhard, James Smith
Thanks ToJason Skriniar

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