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The Gene Machine (DOS)

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1880s? More like 1850!

Micro Net (1) on Aug 07, 2011

Can't help but notice that the "Victorian Map of London" that the Gene Machine uses is decades behind the growth that London actually achieved at the time of the game's setting [1880s]

Here is Charles Booth's poverty map of London from 1889:

London is clearly vastly more developed than the game will have you believe:,222431/ [Indeed, this seems more appropriate to a Regency setting ]

Sorry to be a bit picky about this [the game is obviously 'wacky' and by no means realistic], but it is slightly disappointing how the era is misrepresented nonetheless.

I guess I would have preferred a more realistic Victorian setting with fantasy elements. Or, by contrast, maybe some "Metal Age" thief approach, where the era is clearly fictional. In the game itself, however, it seems that the representation of Victorian Britain, with the fantasy elements all discarded, still exists in an uneasy limbo of half-truths. Maybe the easy fix would be just to say 1850s?

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Re: 1880s? More like 1850!

Rola (8302) on Aug 10, 2011

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There's an in-game dialogue that mocks certain London district, saying something in the lines "this place didn't win the contest for a host for the 1851 World Fair exhibition". Maybe it was my bad English, but it wasn't clear to me if he was talking about past or upcoming Fair - in the latter case this would be a proof for your words.

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