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Atari 50

Genocide Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen/Main Menu
The Store - Look at all the goodies!
Yes, you can fight in the vicinity of a black hole!
A quick demonstration - a straightened map facing north in Plan View...
In Isometric View...
And in Side View.
Massive destruction is unavoidable - is how the Rain Forest map was in pristine condition...
...and this is it after we've flung around some Fission Bombs and Earthquakes.
Ah, the Defense Satellite. Good times. Just launch it...
...lock the target...
...and stream down the HOT ION PARTICLES OF DEATH.
We finish it off with a Big Bomb.
Kenny Blankenship sez: "Ha Ha!"
Oh yes. Victory.
I just want to take this opportunity to show you that there are indeed volcanoes in this game.
And yes, the lava does hurt. If fact, it has already damaged my shields.
Mr. Red Tank, meet Mr. Photon Bomb. Oh Yes.
The Photon Bomb can reduce the scenery from this...
...to this. Obviously it would be rather unhealthy to be in the blast zone.