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Written by  :  Andrew Dunn (11)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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Great Graphics, Great Game!

The Good

Gods is a great game to play, you play the role of a Greek guy who is on a mission from the gods to destroy all the nasty things in 4 different worlds and your reward is immortality, which I thought was original (for a game anyway). The intro explains the story about you and the gods and what you have to do, but it has some cool light beat music to go with it. The graphics for the game are very well done and look very polished; also do the enemies look superbly animated and have great A.I. The fun thing about it is that you can upgrade your weapons (which I have always found good in games), you start off with a crummy knife but as you progress through the levels you become aware of more advance artillery >:) to kick those monsters butt!

Some of the puzzles are very challenging and take some thought and common sense but are satisfying once completed, and the levels are also very well planed like in most Bitmap Brothers games. At the end of each world you will come across some huge bosses which can be difficult at first but once you've learned there moves it's actually quite easy.

The Bad

Like in most Bitmap Brothers games there is hardly any sound FX or Music but this didn't let it down much it's still a brill game and there aren’t if any others quite like it.

The Bottom Line

This game set the standard for all other platforms to come!