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Gods Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Titles (VGA)
Our Hero (VGA)
Ingame (VGA)
Ingame (VGA)
Ingame (VGA)
Shop (VGA)
Ingame (VGA)
Ingame (VGA)
Act 2 is roman in style and titled "The Temple" (VGA)
In Act 2, you're fighting legionaires like the one on the right. (VGA)
Snakes are small, tough and come in swarms. (VGA)
The thief will snatch the item on the right. (VGA)
Act 3: "The Labyrinth" (VGA)
The bird is your companion. It destroys enemies by touch. (VGA)
Act 4 is named "The Underworld". (VGA)
Flying mushrooms? (VGA)
The underworld contains a lot of mechanical beasts. (VGA)
Title 2 (VGA)
Manual Protection (VGA)
Select Game Menu (VGA)
Top Ten Gods (Scores) (VGA)
Begin Level 1 (VGA)
Game Title 1 (EGA/Tandy)
Game Title 2 (EGA/Tandy)
Manual Protection (EGA/Tandy)
Our Hero (EGA/Tandy)
Game Menu (EGA/Tandy)
Top Ten Gods (Scores) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Level 1 (EGA/Tandy)
Get Crystal (Value 75) (EGA/Tandy)
Oops, dead! (EGA/Tandy)
Game Over (EGA/Tandy)
Enter your name hero (EGA/Tandy)
Drop the knife! (VGA)
Oops! killed! (VGA)
Game Over (VGA)
Enter Your Name Hero (VGA)