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Gold Rush! Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The MacNeill bros. present
Title screen and credits
An american hero...
Dreaming of adventure!
First screen
Your house
Outside the bank
In the bank
On the waterfront
In the warehouse
Walking around town.
Down by the river side.
Inside the fort.
Sutter's Fort.
Talking with a shop owner.
Hey, buddy, wanna buy a mule?
A cabin.
Water! I need water!
The camp.
The Green Pastures Hotel.
Ledge walking for fun and profit.
Inside the secret hotel room.
Inside the hotel.
Climbing through dark tunnels...
Intro (Hercules graphics)
Title screen with credits (Hercules graphics)
Game beginning (Hercules graphics)
An old family photograph
Waiting to sell the house
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro - it's hard to imagine that in mid-19th century people really sailed around the whole South America to get to California...
The sea is dangerous around Cape Horn (probably the highest number of random deaths from the player's point of view)
Arrived safely at Sacramento (I guess Jerrod is already in the building, but finding him at this screen is a minipuzzle itself...)
Heading off on a stage coach.
Taking a paddle boat up the rivers of Panama.
Going on foot through Panama.
Leaving New York on a ferry.
Trekking through the jungle.
A grave yard.
Entering the tunnels.
A locked door!
Intro (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Title screen (CGA w/Composite Monitor)
Game start (CGA w/Composite Monitor)