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Golden Axe Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Choose your destiny...
In game shot
Using the purple thing against enemies is a definite advantage
Surrounded by two warriors near the village
Female warriors are dangerous, female warriors riding dragons are extremely dangerous!
Let's burn these poor enemies!
Having jumped over the broken bridge, you find two female warriors awaiting you.
My axe is bigger than your hammer
Uh oh! We have a problem.
I'll crush your bones pal!
Fighting over the castle bridge
Title screen (EGA)
Tyris hits the thief for magic potions (EGA).
Between the stages you take a break to restore your health (EGA).
Practising some fancy sword moves (EGA).
Tyris uses her magic to summon a dragon (EGA).
Gilius uses his magic (VGA).
Battling in "The Duel" (VGA).
The route to Death Adder's castle.
Ax Battler gets a bad grade.
Title screen (CGA).
Choose your destiny (CGA)
Gameplay in 4-color CGA - note the quality of dithering
Choose your destiny (EGA)
Title Screen - Hercules
Player Selection - Hercules
Gameplay - Hercules
Manual Protection check
Start Stage 1 with message
Killed by Enemy
Game Over
Total Score and Class
Start Stage 1 with message (EGA)
Fighting with BOSS (EGA)
Message for next Stage 2 (EGA)
Start Stage 2 (EGA)
Go! (EGA)
Continue? (EGA)
Title screen (Tandy)
Select warrior (Tandy)
Our first enemies (Tandy)
Dwarf's axe is super effective
Like the Genesis version, DOS game continues past the battle with Death Adder into the castle. So many lives were lost to this pit...
Death Bringer uses magic on the Dwarf
Ax Battler enters the castle for revenge
Now it's you and me buddy
DOS version also has the Duel mode, which is three battles longer than the Genesis version. It also allows more enemies on screen