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Golden Eagle Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen (VGA) (in English)
Title Screen (VGA) (in French)
The game starts when protagonist becomes unconscious (VGA)
Starting position (VGA)
Walking in the corridor alone (VGA)
Meeting the guard (VGA)
Entering the huge room under the dome (VGA)
Reaching the terminal (VGA)
"Doc Check" to open terminal's menu (VGA)
Terminal's menu (VGA)
Reading the news on terminal (VGA) (in French)
Playing the Reversi on terminal for fun (VGA)
Examining the map on terminal (VGA)
"Save/Load" actions are available on terminal (VGA)
Reading the message in mailbox on terminal (VGA) (in French)
Deciding to shoot (VGA)
Guardian transfers protagonist to a prison (VGA) (in French)
Jumping over a sensor panel in prison's cell (VGA)
Trying to escape the prison (VGA)
Waiting for a chaser (VGA)
Examining the game statistics after game over (VGA) (in French)
Title Screen (EGA) (in English)
Title Screen (EGA) (in French)
Occasional electroshock allows protagonist to start the game (EGA)
"Doc Check" on terminal (EGA) (in French)
Message in mailbox on terminal (EGA) (in French)
Jumping over electricity (EGA)