Written by  :  Simon Haller (17)
Written on  :  Apr 25, 2004

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Flawed, Yet Interesting Naval Scenarios

The Good

QQP was a very good game company, and I found The Grandest Fleet in 1994 in a $5.99 bin. I played it alot for a while, building my flagship up, for (best feature in the game) your flagship got stronger each time you won a scenario, and there seemed to be no end to how strong it could get. The game had lots of ships and no land units. A Navy kid's dream.

The Bad

This game could crash. It didn't always, but sometimes that VGA support would backfire completely. Not that this game used much in the VGA. It looked pretty sixteen color to me. What I hated most about the game were the worthless little patrol boats that could move forever and took the computer (who loved to build them) a long time to move.

The Bottom Line

A gave up on this one when I was stupid an my flag ship got sunk.