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Grandmaster Chess Credits (DOS)

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Grandmaster Chess Credits


Executive ProducerLeigh M. Rothschild
ProducersRichard C. Leinecker, David Turner
DirectorAmy Smith-Boylan
Project ManagerDan Ormes
Chess RoutinesJohn Stanback
Senior ProgrammerBasit Hussain
ProgrammersFernando Portela, Sujatha Ramakrishna, Les Bird
ArtworkScott Nixon, Ruben Cabrera (as RC), Crystal Van Toorn
VoicesDave Graveline
Quality AssuranceJames M. Wheeler, Charles Ludwig, William Pitt, John Butt
Copyright © 1992IntraCorp Inc., All Rights Reserved
Portions Copywritten © 1992 byJohn Stanback, All Rights Reserved
PCX Text 1.02 Copyright © 1988-89Genus Microprogramming Inc., All Rights Reserved, Christopher A. Howard

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (55996)