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    Your Ship Has Come In!!

    Sunnyvale, CA--November 20, 1995-- Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) today announced the release of Great Naval Battles TM Vol. IV: Burning Steel TM, a full featured, comprehensive WWII naval strategy simulator.

    Great Naval Battles TM Vol. IV: Burning Steel TM is the latest in the Great Naval Battles Advanced Simulator Series, picking up where Great Naval Battles TM Vol. III: Fury In the Pacific TM left off. Where Fury in the Pacific focused on action in the Pacific, Burning Steel covers all European theatres from 1939 to 1942. All major European Allied and Axis ships critical to the outcome of World War II are ready for your command - Bismarck, King George V, Dunkerque, and Littorio, to name a few. Over 130 ships from 5 nations!

    From small skirmishes to giant battles, the Random Battle Generator lets you create a new combat situation anywhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Choose from scores of historic and hypothetical engagements or devise your own blueprint using the powerful Scenario Editor. The sophisticated ship and battle customizers will keep you gaming for hours as you alter various aspects of the game routines.

    John Eberhardt, Burning Steel's producer, states, "Burning Steel's expanded engine allows you to play from five different powers, i.e., Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France or Italy, rather than just two as was the case in the earlier Great Naval Battles titles. In addition, imagine commanding ships that hadn't even left the drawing board such as the Graf Zeppelin or P-Class Battleship! The battle possibilities are endless!"

    Great Naval Battles IV - the fate of Europe is in your hands!

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