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Written by  :  Pedro Leite (49)
Written on  :  Jun 04, 2005
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Guimo - innovative 2D side-scrolling platformer

The Good

The graphics.

The Bad

The small advertising.

The Bottom Line

An excellent game as platform. Guimo is a highly underrated, innovative 2D side-scrolling platformer, probably the first game from a Brazilian studio that was released outside the country (Europe, in this case). Similar to Sonic and Megaman, there is a lot of action in this game.

Along the way to battle Necterion, you will have to blast various monsters with your trusty gun, and negotiate various obstacles including fireballs, moving platforms, and other devious traps. There are many kinds of power-ups in the game, and level designs are full of interesting motifs and details background graphics. There are also optional routes you can take through the game, much like SEGA's Sonic series, as well as a decent share of secret paths. There are 10 weapons to find and use in the game, and hunting the enemies in the dense jungle is one of the game's highlights.

Although Guimo looks and plays like many other platformers, it deserves our award for introducing many cool features. First, there is actually artificial intelligence in this game. Enemies you are not attacking will run away to get reinforcements, and they are also very good at tracking your movements. The game also offers a "Kid" difficulty level. In this level, you can activate an "auto-pilot" mode that helps you move around the game. When auto-pilot is on, you can use the direction keys to tell Guimo the general direction you want him to go, and he will deal with obstacles in the way for you. Last but not least, the game has "Eggy Robots" - semi-intelligent sidekicks that you can issue simple orders to.

Despite its similarities to Pitfall and fluid gameplay, Guimo offers enough variety and innovations to stand on its on. Two thumbs up!