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Gunship 2000 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (MCGA/VGA)
Game menu (MCGA/VGA)
Entering briefing tent (MCGA/VGA)
Theater of duty screen (MCGA/VGA)
Mission briefing (MCGA/VGA)
Outfit summary (MCGA/VGA)
Takeoff (MCGA/VGA)
In-flight at night (MCGA/VGA)
Outside view (MCGA/VGA)
In-game map (MCGA/VGA)
Taking off, cockpit camera (MCGA/VGA)
Taking off, from outside (MCGA/VGA)
Blackhawk (MCGA/VGA)
Following a road in the European scenario. It's a good way to intercept enemy platoons (MCGA/VGA)
Default Roster (MCGA/VGA)
Set Cockpit Switches (MCGA/VGA)
View from upper (MCGA/VGA)
View airbase with hanger from outside (MCGA/VGA)
Oh no! Missile is fired! (MCGA/VGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Game menu (EGA)
Mission Films (EGA)
Default Roster (EGA)
Select Flying Type (EGA)
Theater of duty screen (EGA)
Entering briefing tent (EGA)
Mission briefing (EGA)
Mission Orders 1 (EGA)
Mission Orders 1 / S-2 (EGA)
Mission Map (EGA)
Decline Mission (EGA)
Outfit summary (EGA)
Set Cockpit Switches (EGA)
Ready for takeoff (EGA)
View from outside (EGA)
Mission failed (EGA)
You'll get'em next time. (EGA)
Mission Replay (EGA)
View from upper (EGA)
Chase view of the AH-64A Apache (MCGA/VGA).
Chase view of the AH-64D Apache Longbow (MCGA/VGA).
Found an easter egg, a billboard announcing F117A, another flight simulator from MicroProse (MCGA/VGA)
Some missions imply taking off and landing in a carrier.
Our primary objective in this mission, a bridge.
Another objective revealed, a truck convoy.
Leading an helicopter squadron unlocks certain missions, like picking up / deploying troops on enemy territory.
After several promotions, you get to fly the Comanche.
The Comanche helicopter, external view.
In later versions of the game, some objectives are deep inside enemy cities.
Enemy jets are rarely seen, but present a serious threat.
Delivering supplies (Antarctica scenario)
A picturesque view (Antarctica scenario)
I'll consider it, thank you.
Intercepting an enemy ship convoy (Philippines scenario)
This downed pilot is happy to see us. Search & Rescue missions are among the hardest in this game.
When possible, ask your wingmen to open the way.
About to land in a carrier.
I guess I could have handled this better.