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Gunship Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Pilot Info
Credits (Version 429.01 / EGA)
Identification (EGA)
Intro Screen (EGA / Version 429.04)
Intro Screen (CGA / Version 429.04)
Microprose Logo (CGA)
Identification (CGA)
Incorrect identification (CGA)
Microprose Logo (EGA)
Incorrect identification (EGA)
Title screen (EGA / version 429.01 - 429.05)
Title screen (CGA / version 429.05 only with intro)
Greatest Gunship Missions.
The Congressional Medal of Honor - the highest award that you can get.
Receiving a medal.
Title Screen (CGA)
Ready for Launch (CGA)
Mission Map (CGA)
Stores Status Display
Target Message
Radio MSG
Second Target Destroyed!
Surv Radar Alert
Enemy Inf
Enemy Base
MI-24 Hind
Fatal Crash!