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Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main title (VGA)
Dodge those bullets! (VGA)
Flying over Berlin (VGA)
Arriving (VGA)
I need more ammo! (VGA)
ReadySoft company logo (CGA)
Main Title (CGA)
Opening credits (CGA)
ReadySoft company logo (EGA)
Main Title (EGA)
Intro (EGA)
Combat in the subway! (EGA)
Death (EGA)
Game's intro. (VGA)
Baron Von-Max's file. (VGA)
Switzerland. (VGA)
Getting into a gondola. (VGA)
Going into Olga's cabin. (VGA)
Guy Spy Vs. Olga. (VGA)
Guy Spy runs out of Olga's cabin. (VGA)
Skiing. (VGA)
Made it down the slope. (VGA)
The evil Baron Von Max. (VGA)
Guy Spy in a pyramid in Egypt. (VGA)
Guy Spy has a sword duel with a mummy. (VGA)
Sword fighting with local swordsmen. (VGA)
At a pub in Kenya. (VGA)
The girl is grabbed by Von Max's goons! (VGA)
Fist fight with one of Von Max's goons. (VGA)
Fighting with natives in Peru. (VGA)
Guy Spy gets his bow ready. (VGA)
Dodge arrows on the way to the temple. (VGA)
This temple holds the Von Max's Doomsday Tower. (VGA)
Guy Spy crosses a rope bridge to the Doomsday Tower. (VGA)
Guy Spy needs to take out the guards and avoid laser blasts from the Doomsday Tower. (VGA)
Baron Von Max has the girl hostage. (VGA)
The final fight, a one on one fight between Guy Spy and Von Max. (VGA)
Some soldiers to kill, other are dead.
Don't move!
Go to station