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Hard Nova Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Copy protection! This is fun, this is fun!..
Brief introduction with some story elements
There is no character generation in the game. Just select either of those two pre-made personalities
The game starts near this bar on the planet Mastassini. You see some... exotic people
Orbiting the planet Tikorr. It has no shielded areas - you can drop with your hovercraft wherever you want to
Buying various items and equipment
Piloting your hovercraft over the surface of the planet Tikorr. This looks like a big city...
Visiting a space station. Here you can refuel and repair your ship
Dialogues have a certain classic adventure flavor, and are often humorous
Entering the Robomaze Arena near a bar on the planet Mastassini - basically a dungeon you can explore and fight enemies in
Fighting a robot in the Robomaze! See detailed party management below
Such situations are not uncommon. You can try to escape, but more often than not space combat is inevitable!..
The planet Mastassini looks like a wasteland - that is, until you explore and discover its many points of interest!
Scanning and approaching a planet before orbiting - your hovership has been destroyed, and you need a new one...
The game has an extensive database
You found a temple with Lanta worshippers. This is a strange philosophy, indeed...
Viewing your inventory near hovercraft dock
How would you respond to such an offer?..
Description of one of the many bars
Entering a stargate to travel between star systems. Now I see where the title screen got its image!
Ship battle near a sun! There is no time to read messages, Captain!..
Mercenary headquarters entrance
Seeing strange creatures among the mercenaries...
Targeting a lady in a bar
Friend of yours? I wonder if I can refresh his memory somehow...
The planet Rouyn seems to be covered by lava - but you can easily land nevertheless.
Many characters you meet are not human. This conversation turns into brilliant absurdist pseudo-philosophy, reminding me of Star Control II
Piloting your hovercraft over a populated area on the planet Mastassini
Some bars have roulette tables! With enough patience, you won't have to worry about money any more!
You've discovered the entrance to a strange, seemingly abandoned base...
That's it! My crew valiantly died in battle. Shall I restore a saved game? Luckily, you can save wherever you want to
Fearsome droids populate some of the game's dungeons. They have long-ranged weapons, too, as you can see...
Once in space, you can (and should!) assign roles to your crew members. Ace here mentioned she was a great gunner, so where do you think we should put her?..
Approaching a tanker ship you'll need to board in order to advance the story
Strong Ariel fighters ambush me inside a ship! I don't think I can survive the battle at this point...
Flying over the vast blue landscape of the planet Varan
Another day, another Lanta-populated area - but this time, they are hostile!..
A well-guarded base on the planet Ciberan. You can't access certain areas before you've acquired special cards
An intense battle against powerful Ariel Cruisers near a planet! Damn!..
This bartender doesn't look very trustworthy... and look what you've found - a case of mud? Seriously?..
Exploring the planet Holbrook. See this red arrow? This is the only place you can dock your hovercraft
The planet Ariel has spectacular views. Local hovercrafts are circling around me...
The entrance to Ariel City is decorated by the portrait of the dictator Damien Altron
Exploring Ariel proper. This are is huge. And we've just started...
Brown colors and a mysteriously facility on the planet Rouyn
You meet some miners. Hmm, what's your next move?..
Title Screen (EGA)
Select your character (EGA)
Station services (EGA)
Weapon Shop (EGA)
You have entered Ariellian Space. The glourious world of Ariel Demands Tribute before you may pass. (EGA)
Adventure (EGA)
Exploring (EGA)
Hoverport (EGA)