Hardline Credits


a Game byDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant

For Cryo Interactive Entertainment

Executive ProducerEmmanuel Forsans
Music byDavid Cage
Director of PhotographyWilfried Sempe
Special Effects SupervisorNicolas Bonvalet
Game Artistic DirectorDominic Mathieu
Game ManagerEmmanuel Chriqui
Main ProgrammerEmmanuel Chriqui
WritersDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant
DesignersDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant
Film DirectorsDominic Mathieu, Greg Glachant

For Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd

ProducerDiarmid Clarke
Product ManagerSarah Ewing
Software AnalystDavid Corless


Packaging DesignJim Stoddart (at Bill Smith Studio London)


TedDavid Gregg
CatherineRochelle Redfield
LarsDavid Gasman
MorganJoseph Rezwin
OracleRichard Voltera
KodoJim Adhi Limas
YsselPatrick Julien
Sectoid SpeakerPaul Jeary
Ted (young)Kasey Klebba
Ted (youngest)Sacha Glachant
Mark (young)Leo Ulrich

Virgin Interactive Entertainment (U.S.)

Vice President of Product DevelopmentEric Lux
ProducerStacy Allyn Hendrickson
Associate ProducerHarvard Bonin
Assistant ProducerKenneth S. Rosman
Director of TechnologyTim Page
Director of Quality AssuranceDavid Maxey
Quality Assurance Technical SpecialistPaul Moore
Quality Assurance AdministratorChris McFarland
Quality Assurance SupervisorsStacey Mendoza, Michael Johnson
Lead Product AnalystDavid E. Johnson
QA TeamRobert Dearborn, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Glenn Burtis, Stuart Roch, Rob Smith, Paul Shoener, Jason Lewis, Greg Corzine, Khanh D. Nguyen, Richard R. Bruno, David Walsh, Wallace H. Wachi Jr., Tim Tran, Tuan Bui, Gary Mountain, Matt Orlich
Product ManagerNancy Feiner
Package DesignFattal & Collins
Art DirectorShawn Markert
U.S. Manual EdtorLori Ellison

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Credits for this game were contributed by Iggi (13970) and formercontrib (159487)