Harlan Ellison: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Credits


Designed byHarlan Ellison, David Mullich, David Sears
StarringHarlan Ellison (as the Voice of AM)
ProducerDavid Mullich, Robert Wiggins
Art DirectorPeter Delgado, Bradley W. Schenck
Marketing & SalesAndrew Balzer, Daniel Pelli, MGM Interactive
Quality Assurance ManagerJohn G. Fair Jr.
Lead TestChris Klug
TestDaniel Lee
Technical Review BoardMichael G. Buscher, Jani Peltonen
Music CompositionJohn Ottman
Music Arrangement & ProductionDavid B. Schultz
Voice Casting and DirectionVirtual Casting
Production & DocumentationMichael G. Buscher
Voice Recording and DigitizingCheshire Multimedia Sound
Package DesignBright & Associates
Instrument Bank Provided byLoudmouth
3D Mouse PadVirtual Images Unlimited
Technical DirectorJohn Bolton
ProgrammerJohn Bolton
Additional ProgrammingMichal Tudorovich
ScriptersJohn Bolton, Sharon McIntyre, Jack Russell
Additional ScriptersErik Bethke, Erik Haugen, Steve McNally
Assist. Art DirectorsJhoneil Centeno, Glenn Price
Background ArtRobert L. Miles, Glenn Price, Bradley W. Schenck
Character AnimationJhoneil Centeno, Diane Cooper, Rafael Navarro, Stepan O. Nazar
Additional ArtJohn Goodner, Lisa Iennaco, April Lee, Nathan Simpson
Sound EffectsJames Phillipsen, Lawrence Schwedler

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Credits for this game were contributed by andyhat (2001), Sciere (528851) and Steve McNally (35)