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Back of Box DOS:
    Go where your heart takes you...but prepare yourself for a mind-boggling experience!

    A delightful elf named Percival finally decided to propose to his true love, Gwendolyn. In Percival's land, every elf must perform a special task before he can marry. Percival's assignment is no piece of cake.

    He is magically transported to a strange world, consisting of one small chamber after another. To succeed, he must find his way through 20 different chambers, collecting all the hidden hearts in each of them. Do not think that the elderly, magical elves made it easy.

    There are tunnels (many that dead end), falling rocks and exploding bombs. Think carefully, because they can actually be useful. By stacking rocks, you can build bridges and ramps. Bombs are indispensable for forcing brick walls and other obstructions. Watch out! They may easily trap you in a chamber if the door gets blown up.

    Finally, you must handle the hearts very carefully, as they each contain a drop of Gwendolyn's blood. Each time one is lost in an explosion, she feels a stab of pain in her heart.

    • Outstanding graphics and sound
    • Challenging fun for the whole family
    • No graphic violence
    • Full menu with storyline
    • Easy installation

    Contributed by magisterrex (495) on Mar 20, 2004.

Unknown Source:
    In Heartlight, you guide a cute little elf named Percival through puzzles similar in style to the classic Boulderdash. The levels start out quite easy and increase in difficulty up to nearly impossible! The full version contains all 70 levels.

    Contributed by Retron (225) on Jan 15, 2000.