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Heartlight Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

(Taken from the Epic web site.)
menu screen
Information about in-game hazards
Title screen
Starting level
Reduced map
Title screen polish edition
Chaos Works logo
Level 2
Level 2 completed
Level 3 blocked escape
Level 4 christmas tree
Level 5 baloons appears
Level 6 high-rise
Level 7 baloon air transport
Level 9 air transport
Level 10 stone cover
Level 11 mirror reflection
Level 12 hotchpotch
Level 13 bombs path
Level 14 the eyes
Level 15 purple platforms
Level 16 mined hearts
Level 17 Wilhelm Tell
Level 19 xLand tribute
Level 20 heart stairs
Level 21 stoning
Level 23 reversed piramid
Level 24 electric level
Level 25 piramid
Level 26 inside the stone
Level 31 stoned hearts
Level 37 open escape
Level 36 inside the key
Level 38 chaos works tribute
Level 45 blow up balloons
Level 61 layer-cake
Level 55 too bright
Level 64 final level release year