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Heimdall Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

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Introduction Story
Intro - The creation of earth by the gods
Intro - Gods and man
Main Title
Main Menu
An interesting sport: Try to hit the hairs to win!
Oops...must've been the wind
Are you chasing the hog or is it chasing you?
Aaargh...a viking fight!
Adventuring while solving puzzles
Watch out for traps such as flying arrows or even pitfalls!
Combat! That bloke will need a lot of plastic surgery after my axe re-arranges his face...
In your adventures you will meet strange monsters...they usually guard valuable items
That last monster had a bigger axe than I did....
Wrong command (EGA)
Puzzle solving (EGA)
Enemy (EGA)
Fight (EGA)
Map (EGA)
In Cave (EGA)