Heirs to the Throne Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (German version).
One of six option pages on which you may fine-tune the game's rules.
Each land is created randomly and may contain from 16...
...to a whopping 99 provinces.
Issue orders from the main menu.
Economic actions -- like constructing new villages -- are done in menus.
In movement and attack phase, you move soldiers between provinces on the zoomed map.
The battle screen. Armies are represented by the red bars. The landscape has an influence on the defender's strenght.
This province has a watchtower, which gives defenders a bonus.
Battle results.
Statistical screen such as the political map help evaluating the situation.
Attacking an enemy baron's homeland...
...which is heavily fortified with a citadel.
End-of-turn progress screen.
Beautifully drawn pictures illustrate random events such as a rampaging dragon...
...or a thieving scoundrel.
If you fail, you will end up in the hands of your opponents.
But if you are strong and sucessful, you won't stay a simple baron long...
...but soon become a duke...
...and eventually be a powerful lord.