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The Heroes of the 357th Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Credit Screen
Opening in-game cinematic
Cockpit shot
Briefing room
Arm your plane
Escorting the big guys to the main target
Enemy fighter in sight
Enemy plane shot down
Replay view
During a dogfight
Bombs away
Enemy view
Debriefing screen
Cut sequence
Briefing screen
Show your air victories
Top Aces board
Captured after bail out
Opening Credit Screen (EGA)
Main menu 1 (EGA)
What's your name, pilot? (EGA)
Briefing Report (EGA)
Operation Argument (EGA)
Arm your plane (EGA)
Opening in-game cinematic (EGA)
Escorting the big guys to the main target (EGA)
Plane on map (EGA)
Start game (EGA)
Enemy fighter in sight (EGA)
Crashed! (EGA)
Replay view (EGA)
2 lost control and augered in. He did not survive. (EGA)
Top Tour of Duty Aces (EGA)
News Bulletin (EGA)
Menu of "Tour of Duty" (EGA)
View from behind (EGA)
View from Left (EGA)
View from Right (EGA)
View from Top (EGA)
Bomber attacked! (EGA)